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A passion for making smiles and great user experiences

Briefly mentored by the creative director of Moo.com (Jane Austin), one of the biggest print and design company that serves the likes of Google, AirBnB and Buzzfeed to think critically about the market, user journey and creating an unforgettable user experience.

Creating promotional campaigns out of this world

A live 2 months project with Seesaw creative agency to develop a promotional campaign for Mercedez’s up and coming range of electric Vans. The challenge was to come up with an advertising concept, create a sub-brand guideline and other visuals that can be used on social media, advertising and marketing pieces.

Connecting and engaging brands and their customers

Altogether Travel is UK’s first and only supported Travel Company targeting Older People and individuals with learning, physical or sensory disabilities. They wanted to take their business to the next level by rebranding their business and creating a brochure like publication to inspire people to travel with Altogether Travel.

Social Media

Social Media

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